Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Musings [14]: More Books & My Odd Week

Two birds one stone - I stumbled upon The Sunday Post Meme hosted by the lovely Caffinated Book Reviewer & the Stacking The Shelves meme hosted by the awesome Tynga's Reviews! It is quite similar to what I'm doing here with my Sunday musings - recapping the week in book blogging universe as well as letting you guys know about what books I bought or received.

This was a weird week for me guys! I had a taste of what I'm going to title book blogger blah. I just wasn't feeling up to my posts this week! Along with that my stack of current reads was barely touched. I don't want to feel like I failed you amazing people who take your time to check out this blog of mine but this week was just an odd week. I hope to have things back in check by next week. I'm going to take today to rest and just get my head back on track. The month of August is almost here and it's a REALLY big month for me - preparations for my final year of university, my cousins wedding, and some other family related things. There will be better posts I promise! Thanks for sticking around to this point of my you guys! Here's a picture of me and my nephew - he makes me smile and laugh and feel all happy! Have a great week my loves!

From The Past Week:

Happening This Week:

Make sure to come on by Monday and read the thrilling excerpt of The Creeping By Alexandra Sirowy - it had me making major grabby hands for the book! The Tour is full of awesome and The BloggityBLOG is so happy to be apart of it!

Let me know in the comments if The Creeping is a book you want to check out! Want to know a little more about the book? Check out my earlier post on it HERE!

NEW Books added to my shelf this week:

The first is The Secrets of Attraction By the Robin Constantine! I liked The Promise of Amazing so I've got some high hopes for this one ;P Also the cover is verrrry pretty! That font choice is on point! The second new addition is an ARC of It's A Wonderful Death By the awesome Sarah J. Schmitt! Very huge THANKS to Lauren over at Skyhorse Publishing for the copy! ;)

BOOKstagram #JulyBookChallenge:
Day 20: Favourite Genre/ Day 21: Thinnest Book You Own
Day 22: Thickest Book You Own/Day 23: Favourite Romance

Day 24: TBR Shelf/Day 25: Books You Want to Reread

That's it for now lovelies♥ Let me know how your week went in the comments below ;)



  1. I love that picture with the heart underneath!

    1. thank you! It was a pin my sister gave to me - it has my initials engraved onto it!

  2. We all hit our blahs when it comes to blogging and reading. I hit my blogging blahs back in April/May after a couple of back to back work trips.

    Have a good week.

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews

    1. It's hard - you just kind of fall into this schlump! You want to be doing the bloggerly things but just cannot seem to find the energy to! Here's to the bounce back! Thanks for the kind words!

  3. Great haul. The Secrets of Attraction sounds interesting and I love the cover.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. ME TOO! Constantine writes pretty sweet contemporary YA! Definitely let me know if you get around to reading any of her works!

  4. I tried doing a bookstagram challenge last month... I only lasted 11 days, lmao! And good luck on your final year in University! It's gonna be a stressful ride but all worth it in the end. ;D Aaaand your nephew is adorable! Happy reading, Sherry! :D

  5. Ha! Book blogger blah! I like that and may very well steal it cos I completely understand how you feel! The reading bit is always fine but the keeping up with reviews etc is sometimes a bit more problematic!

  6. I have been on a reading and blogging high so far this summer. I hope I don't hit the blogging blahs anytime soon. Come see my weekly report. Happy reading!