Sunday, August 22, 2010

MockingJay By:Suzanne Collins

Does ANYONE know what is coming out this Tuesday in Canada? Here is a hint, read this post title! GAHHHHH the finally book in the Hunger Games Trilogy! My friend first introduced this book to me last year I believe and I was hooked the moment I started reading. There was no part in the Hunger Games or the sequel Catching Fire that didn't have me gasping for more. There is no doubt I would be running to my local bookstores to get a copy in my hands!

This post was just a little, well HUGE, news I wanted everyone to know. It is one of my favourite books so if you haven't read it yet, GO OUT AND GET A COPY NOW! =)

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Wow, have I been absent or what. Sorry everyone, or well anyone actually since there really isn't much followers of my blog. I have been caught up on a LOT of stuff this summer (family parties, BBQs, jobs and prepping for school). I hope everyone is having a GREAT summer so far and remember to make it last because it is coming to an end VERY soon! ='(

Anyways, I wanted to talk about the book I am currently reading which is Spells by Aprilynne Pike, the sequel to the amazing Wings. I was very sad when i first started this book. It was too slow of a beginning for me, nothing really catching or intriguing. Nothing against Aprilynne,it is probably because I love DAVID and well, Laurel is in Avalon pretty much throughout the beginning. As the story went on, it remained slow up until Laurel FINALLY goes back to the real world to DAVID! I'm pretty much half way through the book and would keep you posted on how the ending goes.

Recently on twitter, Aprilynne tweeted she was working on Wings book 4! Spells came out not too long ago! Wings 3 will be released next MAY! *sigh*