Sunday, August 22, 2010

MockingJay By:Suzanne Collins

Does ANYONE know what is coming out this Tuesday in Canada? Here is a hint, read this post title! GAHHHHH the finally book in the Hunger Games Trilogy! My friend first introduced this book to me last year I believe and I was hooked the moment I started reading. There was no part in the Hunger Games or the sequel Catching Fire that didn't have me gasping for more. There is no doubt I would be running to my local bookstores to get a copy in my hands!

This post was just a little, well HUGE, news I wanted everyone to know. It is one of my favourite books so if you haven't read it yet, GO OUT AND GET A COPY NOW! =)

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  1. gee, I wonder who that "friend" was ;D LOL i kidd i don't remember if it was me or not xD

    ANYWAYS, Mockingjay is currently my favourite book of all time, and The Hunger Games is my all-time favourite series!!!! =D