Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Musings [15]: Beach Days & Summer Haze!

Two birds one stone - I stumbled upon The Sunday Post Meme hosted by the lovely Caffinated Book Reviewer & the Stacking The Shelves meme hosted by the awesome Tynga's Reviews! It is quite similar to what I'm doing here with my Sunday musings - recapping the week in book blogging universe as well as letting you guys know about what books I bought or received.

I got some sun this week everyone! I went up North for a day with a friend of mine to hang out at the beaches and it was fantastic! Let me start by stating that I am a VERY pale person. I don't see sun much and when I do I tend to burn badly. It's totally the vampire syndrome I have. Anyways, I was determined to catch some sun rays that day and of course I DID NOT catch a nice tan. I was there for maybe 5/6 hrs and nothing - sun was shining so bright too! Oh wells, I guess it just wasn't meant to be! Nothing really exciting besides work work and work! Still stalling on my thesis prep for final year University but it'll get done eventually this month....Reading once again was on HOLD this week because I just couldn't find the time to sit down and read. I'm disappointed in myself because I have SO many great books to get through but can't seem to find the time and dedication to put towards them! This week will be better - it has to be!

Posts From The Past Week:


NEW Books added to my shelf this week:
 Two e-books this week! Next! The Search for My Last First Date was a book I stumbled upon on Twitter and the synopsis was very intriguing. It deals with a middle-aged man who's looking for love except, he's a little out of the loop with the modern dating scene. It sounds fun and quirky so I'm excited for this one! Huge thanks to the author Robert James for a copy! The other book I recieved via NetGalley. This is my FIRST ever NetGalley ebook so that's exciting! The cover of Everything I Left Unsaid really had me! The synopsis was equally captivating! I love dark and thrilling romances so this one doesn't sound like it'll disappoint - check it out you guys!

I picked this read up because my co-worker recommended it to me. It dappers with an Asian/American family dynamic and being first generation Asian/Canadian myself I found the synopsis quite relatable. The story is deep and emotional, please check out the synopsis for Everything I Never Told You - DO IT!

BOOKstagram #JulyBookChallenge:

All photos can be seen over on my bookstagram HERE! Thanks for those we kept up with the challenge - it was so much fun!

That's it for now lovelies♥ Let me know how your week went in the comments below ;)



  1. Trouble is my Friend sounds like fun and tanning ages don't sweat it!

    1. Ahaha much thanks for the advice and positivity! I shall embrace my paleness! Happy week to 'ya!

  2. Glad you got some sun and had a great time!! I read Everything I Never Told You and I liked it but man it's a downer of a book. Hope you love it though and your other books too!

    1. It came highly recommended and I'm glad to see that you liked it as well! Oh boy, I'll make sure to have tissues ready - I cry at everything!

  3. Next sounds good. And I'm going to try the August Book Challenge on Instagram. Hoping to actually complete it this month! I wish I lived near a beach, and that I didn't need to lose so much weight before I will wear a swimsuit. Hope you have a good week!
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  4. Kimba is such a mom! But yes, they do make great self tanners!! :P

    Congrats on the first NetGalley!! Did you freak??? I did when I got my first!! And you got a good one! I was looking at her books...

    Have a great week!!!

  5. Don't worry, pale is in. ;) Oh boy, your first NetGalley book. Don't fall down the rabbit hole! Have a great week, and I hope you get some reading time.

  6. Trouble is a friend of mine sounds like it will be a good one. Hope you enjoy and have a great week.