Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts & Talks [8]

This is a meme hosted HERE that asks us to present something we've learned or thought about after we finished reading a book to anyone out there - sparking a conversation amongst us!

What I Read to Spark the feels:

This weeks Tuesday Thoughts&Talks topic is about the Fifty Shades of Grey series. As much as people want to rag on Fifty Shades of Grey - I want to come out here and say that I did enjoy the book and the series. As a teen I fell into the whole Twilight craze. The books took up a lot of my time and so when I grew up and Fifty Shades announced itself to the world as Twilight fanfiction I knew I was going to read it. And it isn't about the sex that had me interested. Christian Grey was a character so unlike ANYTHING I've read before. Fifty shades of fucked up as Christian Grey explains it in the books. It was Fifty Shades of Grey that helped me realized that I enjoyed reading contemporary romance and new adult. It lessened the stigma of reading 'those' types of novels. Till this day I still get people asking me how I can read stuff like that. To which I reply - I'm old enough to be able to chose my own reading material thank you very much and your loss ;) I'm very grateful for the book blogging community that I've uncovered here who support the love of romance novels!

There is TONS of controversy surrounding FSOG (the entire abusive relationship between Christian and Anastasia) that has plenty of people vetoing this read. As well as the outright mention of sex in a famous book has people judging FSOG harshly. All of which has been brought to everyones attention in the recent years. For what it's worth, Fifty Shades of Grey was intended to be a fanfiction that just so happened to be popular enough to be published. I don't think we can criticize it to proper literature standards.When I read the mass amounts of hatred towards FSOG I was really confused. I had a moment where I wondered if I read the same book these people were talking about. I still can't seem to understand where these arguments stem from in the book. If you didn't enjoy it, cool it wasn't for you but, don't judge the people who actually found it interesting.

Did you read Fifty Shades of Grey? 
Hate it/Love it/Won't Go Near it?
Let me know your thoughts on adult romance novels such as FSOG, down below in the comments!

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