Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts & Talks [7]

This is a meme hosted HERE that asks us to present something we've learned or thought about after we finished reading a book to anyone out there - sparking a conversation amongst us!

What I Read to Spark the feels:

This week's topic for thoughts & talk is author appreciation or lack thereof. Recently the author of one of one of my favourite series The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, Michelle Hodkin came out on twitter to mention her recent hiatus/absence from twitter. To sum up, the amount of aggressive tweets and backlash from unhappy fans has kept her away (I am no way saying this was the ACTUAL meaning - I am summarizing to what I took away from Michelle's tweets). It left me feeling very sad and had me reflecting on my OWN behaviour online. With a platform like twitter, I feel there is an anonymous quality that allows for people to feel like they can say what they want, whenever they want, because there isn't a physical repercussion to their online actions. What people often lack to see is that there is someone who stands behind all the words out there in the world - not just twitter. Bringing that back to Michelle Hodkin's case on twitter, and frankly it applies I think to any author anywhere, it truly is sad to see the horrible things said about the authors not their books. Whether or not you like a book, I think we should all take caution in the way we express our feelings. Are they personal attacks on someone or are they working criticisms on their books/writing?

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  1. One of the things about the internet is that you are entitled to your own opinion and can say what you think. However, with that I feel like comes the responsibility to think before you say or post something and to always be respectful in what you say. I didn't know anything about this and I feel bad! That's horrible and Michelle Hodkin shouldn't have to swear off social media just because there are mean people who don't respect an authors choices or writing.
    Olivia @ Fluttering Pages

    1. I think you did a great job in explaining further about opinions online! Thank you for adding more to this topic! Michelle Hodkin has poured her heart into her books and some fans have really gone too far in criticizing Michelle as a person.