Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts & Talks [3]

This is a meme hosted HERE that asks us to present something we've learned or thought about after we finished reading a book to anyone out there - sparking a conversation amongst us!

What I Read to Spark the feels:

This Tuesday I wanted to talk about the books we read when we were younger. Do these books ever depart from us? I find myself going back to A Series of Unfortunate Events and rereading it from time to time - never losing interest in the story. I was first introduced to this series in forth grade and was so captivated by it! Are any of you guys finding you go back to read childhood books and loving them all the same? The writing and styles are so different I find, to what I'm reading nowadays that I'm a little surprised by it all. 

What childhood books are staples on your reading list?

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