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Review: Love, Lust & A Millionaire By Sandi Lynn

Title: Love, Lust & A Millionaire
Author: Sandi Lynn
Published Date: May 1st 2015

My name is Delilah Graham and music is my life. I moved from Chicago to live in the one place that I considered to be the center of the universe: New York City. At twenty-three years old, after raising my two brothers and sister, it was time for me to start my own life. I worked as a waitress in a greasy diner by day and, by night, I performed my music in small clubs around the city and on the streets of New York. That was until a man and his daughter stepped into the diner and changed my life forever. He hired me to be his daughter’s nanny, but I have a feeling he wants more from me. 

My name is Oliver Wyatt and I made my first million at the age of twenty. Life’s been somewhat complicated since my five-year-old daughter, Sophie, was sent to live with me after her mother died. She drove away the nannies I hired to take care of her until one afternoon, while eating lunch, a beautiful waitress and my daughter shared a special connection. She was exactly what Sophie needed. My brother, Liam, said she was just what I needed. I am nothing but a man with a heart of stone, compliments of a girl I loved so many years ago. Lust is a powerful emotion; an emotion so strong that trying to deny it only makes it that much stronger. Now that I have met Delilah, rules will be broken and lines will be crossed. 

Intended for readers 18+ (Synopsis Provided By Goodreads)

I rarely rate a book with a 1 star but this one was just bad. The writing was not the greatest - a little cringe worthy at times. A lot of stop and go with no real flow to the sentences or words! The connection between characters was weak and the chemistry was hard to believe. The overall plot was intriguing and initially drew me into picking this book up but not enough to keep interested thoroughly. I forced myself to read and finish this one.

I'm a bit surprised with Love, Lust & A Millionaire because the author Sandi Lynn was a highly recommended author from my group of book friends! I hope the next one I pick up from her is better. With that being said, this will be a short review of the book.

Off the bat we are thrown into working girl Delilah Graham's life. She's working as a waitress at a diner with a asshole boss who's looking for any reason to fire her. In a fate encounter, dreamy Oliver Wyatt walks in to Delilah's diner with his daughter, Sophie, and instantly Delilah catch's his eye. He's got his young daughter with him who connects with Delilah automatically. Things were very 'instantaneous' to the point of being cheesy. Delilah get's fired from her job while trying to calm Oliver's daughter down from a tantrum during a morning rush at the diner. Oliver is quick to offer her a job as a nanny for his daughter - call it kindness but he got the girl fired the least he could do is offer her a job. He just so happens to be a mega-millionaire, flipping properties for profit around the world. Seeing as she lives paycheque to paycheque, Delilah has no choice but to accept the proposition that he offers and so begins their discovery of their intense feelings for one another.

To me Delilah and Oliver's characters had no real depth to them. They were very one dimensional - what they said was what they meant. It was hard to be interested in 'boring' characters. The story takes place in New York which has so much potential for drama and intrigue but nothing came across like that.

Sophie, Oliver's daughter, seemed a bit contrived. She was convenient for the plot to connect Delilah with Oliver. At the end of the story it seemed to be the ONLY thing that connected them. No real exploration into different aspects of Delilah and Oliver's relationship.

Out of this entire story I only liked Liam - Oliver's brother. He appears so briefly but already in those moments I was more interested in what his life was like rather than Oliver's or Delilah's. He seemed to have more of a personality that was fun and a little cocky. Pretty boy with his own business. Wish he came into the equation of Delilah and Oliver some how - spice things up and rock the boat a little.

I rate this book 1 out of 5 stars.

Not much else I can say besides the writing, the characters, the plot were not on par with each other. Each aspect lacked a lot of intrigue and for that I had to rate it with a one star! I have hope that her other books are better but I don't think I'll be going to pick up a Sandi Lynn book soon.

Anyone else there have the same feels?


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