Friday, April 24, 2015

Finding Time & Keeping it

Recently I did a little spring cleaning and noticed how many books sit on my shelf unread. It's quite alarming actually. It dawned on me that I'll probably never find the time to read all of them because I keep buying new books. I'm not the only one suffering from this book buying syndrome - you guys know what I'm talking about! How do you combat this issue? Does book buying become hoarding? Or an art piece of filling shelf space?

There are only so many hours a day and majority of it is spent sleeping (well at least for me). If I'm not working or doing a last minute homework assignment, I'm trying to scavenge some time to see a friend. Lately it seems that time is harder to find. I simply have no time to dedicate to reading my growing pile of books. SO bloggers and book readers out there I ask you for your help - HOW DO YOU DO IT? Do you sleep at all? Is the secret becoming a vampire and if so, where can I locate the nearest Edward Cullen?

Time is tricky like that, it's always present but we always seem to forget about it.

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