Friday, June 30, 2017

Hello Out There!

Greetings followers, friends, readers, and all other categories of people!

It's been a while does not seem to suffice for the time that has passed from my last post. How has everyone been (I am actually curious to know what people have done let me know in the comments below - in the most non-creepy way possible)?

The last 2 years of my life have been such a lonnnng journey with many many milestones hit - some good some bad. Too give a brief overview of the things that have happened to me:
  • I finished University (I'm officially the proud owner of a Bachelor's Degree in Design Illustration - SOMEONE HIRE ME TO DO ART!)
  • Found the love of my life
  • Experienced a loss like no other 
  • Found my first full-time job
  • Travelled to San Francisco
  • Bought my first car
  • Learned how to swim (can't swim to save my life YET)
I believe those are it? It is hard to sit here typing out these 7 points and see it so neatly condensed into a list because I think many of you can sympathize if you have ever gone through any of the listed, they are time consuming, emotionally draining feats of anyones life. If there is anything you want to know in more detail - feel free to ask or comment below this post. I am more than welcome to share my experiences as well as learn from many of you out there!

What am I doing back here?

Simply put, I have not been able to dedicate enough time to reading or the book world in the last 2 years which is a damn shame because this community is a very supportive one and I could have used an outlet during some rough times these last 2 years. I hope to return soon with some book reviews and some art things. I have been meaning to switch it up and introduce some art reviews/tutorials on here. Let me know if you guys would be interested in that. As well, if you have any questions/comments/recommendations for what type of art stuff you want to see me do, let me know down below!

Stay tuned you lovely lot,

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